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End mill bits

There are different type carbide end mill bits for meeting your endmilling goal.

Milling is done by removing the unwanted material on the part, removing the process, and embodies the most commonly used forms of the various features on the part. Milling requires the use of a milling cutter to machine a variety of surfaces for machining the machine, that is, an milling machine; and then a piece of preformed material on the platform in which the fixture is attached to the milling machine; The use of fixed in the milling machine with a cutting-like cutting tool, and high-speed rotation. Finally, the workpiece is cut from the workpiece to produce the desired shape by cutting the workpiece into the workpiece in the rotary cutter and cutting it into small pieces.
Milling is the use of rotating multi-blade cutting tool, is a high-efficiency processing methods. It is often used in the production of axially asymmetric features of different types of components, such as holes, grooves, pockets and three-dimensional surface contours, etc., in daily life is the most common.And its other application is to manufacture molds for a variety of processes, like the three-dimensional molds that are often ground. By cutting the way it will produce a limited number of parts, such as custom designed fasteners or brackets, may be prototypes. Due to the use of milling, it is possible to provide high tolerances to the fundamentally formed components, to increase the surface finish, and to the desired precision requirements. This is also commonly used in parts manufactured in different processes, adding or improving component features during minor milling processes.

DLTMJ550 series - Hardened Steels(48-55 HRC)

DLTMJ550 series - Hardened Steels(48-55 HRC)

End mill for die is widely used, can be installed and used in pneumatic or electric tools, production efficiency and durability than the grinding wheel and increase the number of times a file. ...

DLTUS650 series - High Efficiency Machining of Stainless Stee

DLTUS650 series - High Efficiency Machining of Stainless Stee

The structure of Iphone 8 is used 316L stainless steel. This material is more difficult to cut than the 304 stainless steel. Especially the suppliers of Apple Inc. use MIM processing of small accessories, the previous endmills has been un...



DLTTK600 series-End mill for thread

DLTUA600 series - High Speed Machining